About us

All activities, investments and developments take place in Big Developments B.V. established in Venhorst Noord-Brabant.

Big Developments was founded by 5 founders, a diverse team consisting of one of the best performing sow farmers in the Netherlands, 2 innovative suppliers in the sector and 2 experts in the field of breakthrough and system innovations.

You don’t do radical innovations alone. That is why we have entered into far-reaching cooperation agreements with a large number of strategic partners. These are:

  • wageningen universiteit

  • inno+

  • duravermeer

  • craftworks

  • breedid constructies

  • agency made in may

  • noldus information technology

  • hendrix genetics

  • coppens diervoeding

  • cloudnation

  • cangurus architecten

Big Developments is fully supported by the European Union, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Province of Noord Brabant and the Municipality of Boekel. All governments proactively facilitate policy, regulation and financing.